“No one is left behind” - Pi Valbuena
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“No one is left behind”

“No one is left behind”

In war movies we always hear this phrase. And when we talk about sustainable development we must leave no-one behind either.

Reaching Sustainable Development Goals could be compared to a war, a war against time. If we want to have any possibilities of winning this war, we all need to go all together and think out of the box.

Everybody should empty their boxes into a big one, where all the interactions and exchanges are easier and fast, and all the skills and capacities will be together.

Going together sounds easy and logical when we talk about a battalion… but this is not the case when we talk about working to reach sustainability on the planet. For this, changing the perspective and thinking across sectors is the only way.

The sustainable development issue is a 360º degree issue…. so when you look for solutions, that’s the way you must see it.

See forests as more than just wood, and bring them in the center of sustainable development where they belong.

Many examples show clearly this is the way, bottom-up or by political commitment, local or global, in many different cultures, continents and subjects… but a lot of people still don’t take it that way.

Communication is the main problem, not only internal but external too. Many people working of forest issues tend to operate in silence…we must encourage interaction and conversation.

This is why we need to work on communication, at all levels.

Talk to the one next to you in a meeting room, talk to the other ministry, talk to the forester, to the sociologist, to the teacher, to the person in the desk next to yours, talk to the student… explain what you do, what are your problems, what are your challenges… because sustainable development is everybody’s business.

So, don’t be silent, don’t be the tree that falls in the forest and nobody hears. Because if we do it, maybe we will be the ones left behind…

Available at the #Forests2015 Blog: https://forests2015.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/leave-no-one-behind/#more-1576

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